Writing a magazine editorial calendar

Editorial Calendar Help to carry the message by contributing your story and experience to Grapevne! Each issue also includes a story on the Traditions and the Steps. But you are not confined to these topics. The editors are always looking for innovative material, as long as it relates to AA experience and reflects an awareness of AA's singleness of purpose.

Writing a magazine editorial calendar

Potential authors should review back issues of the magazine to determine editorial format and style. Reader comments regarding recently published Internal Auditor articles are welcomed and encouraged. All letters may be edited for clarity and length.

Every letter will be considered for publication, but the decision to publish is based on space limitations, appropriateness, timeliness, and other factors. Send submissions via email. These accounts describe significant cases of fraud and techniques of fraud deterrence and control. Anonymity is granted to writers who request it.

Submissions should be approximately 1, words and sent to Contributing Editor Bryant Richards. Due to space limitations, authors should avoid including tables or charts in their submissions, restricting content to text only. Readers are invited to submit short opinion essays — words — on issues of interest to internal auditors.

The format should begin with a strong thesis statement followed by three or four supporting paragraphs and a conclusion. The objective of this column is to provide audit professionals with information and resources about how organizations have integrated software and other technology into their operations.

It features tips from auditors, accounts of how practitioners have used electronic tools and techniques to enhance their department, and examples of auditor-developed applications that address specific audit and administrative needs.

Submissions should be 1, words and sent to Contributing Editor Steve Mar. Those wishing to share information about introductory-level audit topics are encouraged to contribute to this column. Articles should focus on a fundamental aspect of the audit process and provide guidance for beginning auditors.

Send your submissions approximately 1, words to Contributing Editor James Roth. Authors are encouraged to share emerging risk issues and best practices from their own audit experiences.

writing a magazine editorial calendar

Articles should focus on a particular risk and explain how auditors can address or help the organization manage that risk. This column features editorial commentary on a specific subject that falls under the heading of corporate governance.

Examples of relevant subject areas include ethics, regulatory issues, and tone at the top. Submitting a Department Submissions may be sent directly to the individuals or email addresses specified above or to Editor, Internal Auditor, Greenwood Blvd.

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Write for an Internal Auditor Magazine Department Manuscripts having a narrow focus or an opinionated tone are often better suited for Internal Auditor departments.

Potential authors should review back issues of the magazine to determine editorial format and style. Contract Management Magazine > Editorial Calendar Each issue of Contract Management features a number of articles focusing on the issue's topic, as well as other articles on a variety of aspects of contract management.

Use calendar filtering to sort by your editorial calendar’s custom fields to quickly spot top priorities, content types in the works, approval statuses, and more. You can also view the calendar in our mobile app for a quick glimpse of your editorial schedule and easy rescheduling.

An editorial calendar is the basic outline for all of the planned features, themes and stories a magazine will be covering for the year. Publications primarily do this for advertisers to help advertisers plan what issues they want to buy ad space in.

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