The social political and religious beliefs of muslim hip hop celebrities in america

In most accounts, the story of hip-hop begins in South Bronx during the s. This section of New York City had become the victim of urban renewal policies that resulted in severe unemployment, the loss of quality housing and public services, and the flight of private investment. Yet the story of hip-hop is not just about reacting to poverty. Hip-hop is a cultural phenomenon whose styles, sounds and symbols are rooted in the creative energy of Diaspora — the involuntary African Diaspora of the Middle Passage and 20th century migrations from the English and Spanish speaking Caribbean to the United States.

The social political and religious beliefs of muslim hip hop celebrities in america

The voice of youth and social activism By Ashahed M. Hip Hop artists spoke to the despair and pain of urban youth and the poor who were often without a voice. The rappers themselves were products of that reality and it was conveyed through their lyrics.

Now, many hip hop artists, heavily influenced by the socially conscious rappers of the past, are picking up the mantle of activism becoming a very important voice of the youth, specifically dealing with social and political commentary.

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Beyond the violence and materialism that is often associated with hip hop culture, many artists are involved in service oriented activities demonstrating their deep connection to their people, their love for hip hop culture and their desire to improve current social realties.

This is something that you might not know by looking at many of the controlled news channels which are much more likely to report a hip hop artists run in with law enforcement than their philanthropic deeds and service.

Mos Def says he draws inspiration from personal experiences and current events when making his songs, as do many other hip hop artists. His albums cover topics ranging from the plight of migrant field workers, to religious hypocrisy to political corruption.

What you may not know is that his lyrical intensity is matched by his deep commitment to causes that he is involved in. I pledge to go out to Afghanistan, probably at the end of this year, and oversee the final stages of construction myself.

The social political and religious beliefs of muslim hip hop celebrities in america

The group has hosted fundraisers where underprivileged youth play chess and receive mentoring. A portion of the funds generated by WuChess. Hell no, not me!

Those unfamiliar with the origins of Hip Hop might be surprised to hear rappers weighing in on issues such as gang conflict, human rights and geo-political realities. Their misperception of hip hop is based on the mind-numbing, misogynistic and profanity laden music played on radio stations, beamed across the globe via satellite and accessed via YouTube by millions on a daily basis.

Minister Farrakhan has consistently delivered loving words of guidance, instruction and warning to the leaders of the hip hop community. Always a fair arbiter, strident defender and protector of hip hop artists, he conducted a much needed counseling and intervention session during the escalating beef between Ja-Rule and 50 Cent in Minister Farrakhan was also the first leader to speak out in defense of rapper T.

In other demonstrations of social activism, hip hop icon and mogul Russell Simmons, sister, soldier and activist Erykah Badu and multi-Platinum artist Kanye West all played important roles in promoting the Millions More Movement in to commemorate the 10th anniversary of the Million Man March in Washington, D.

The social political and religious beliefs of muslim hip hop celebrities in america

Long-time activist and member of the hip hop generation Rosa Clemente is married to a member of the Nation of Gods and Earths. These were young people who had nothing and have created not only a multi-billion dollar industry but have created an international way that we can all speak to each other.

I think the fact that we have that and that hip hop can be found in Palestine, in Ghana, in Venezuela, in Cuba, in Brooklyn and American Indian reservations, speaks to the power of it.

Immortal Technique says even though some rappers are not delivering culturally responsible material to the people, the hip hop nation should be patient with them—especially many of the new rappers—encouraging them to make a change.Jul 07,  · In particular, despite journalist Harry Allen's description of Islam as hip hop's "official religion", Islam's dynamic presence and central role in the hip hop nation have been largely unexplored.

Hip-hop legend and actor Mos Def, also known as Yasiin Bey, was introduced to Islam at 13 by his father, who was a member of the Nation of Islam. At 19, Mos Def took his Shahada, or declaration of faith, and in the '90s debuted as an artist in the socially conscious movement hip-hop that emerged then.

The Social, Political and Religious Beliefs of Muslim Hip-Hop Celebrities in America ( words, 2 pages) As long as hip-hop has remained a vital component of the cultural vernacular, the religion of Islam has produced a strong and profound impact on this genre.

“Rebel Music” covers a considerable range of material: the intersection of government, music and Islam in Brazil, Salafi tensions over the religious permissibility of music; punk rock in Pakistan; Muslim youths engaging Rastafarian culture in Morocco; the U.S.

and U.K.


governments’ interest in Sufism as an antidote to Islamist discourses; and the . Joe Palacios, a sociologist and Catholic priest, studies religion, politics and social justice in Latin America and among immigrants in the United States.

We discuss the story of hip-hop, its growth into a global phenomenon and how hip-hop reflects the extreme social realities of urban culture globally.

Hip-hop has been described as one of the most far-reaching cultural movements of the past three decades.

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