The life and influence of mother teresa

The story of Mother Teresa's life is no mere humanitarian exploit, as she would be the first to declare. It is a story of biblical faith. In silence and contemplation, in prayerful adoration before the Tabernacle, she learned to see the true face of God in every suffering human being. In prayer she discovered the essential truth which underlies the Church's social teaching and her religious and humanitarian work in every age and in every part of the world:

The life and influence of mother teresa

She died of a heart attack on September 5, The diminutive nun arrived in India on January 6,where she started assisting the needy and eventually established the now-global "Missionaries of Charity" organization.

Ultimately, more than missions in countries were established. Yet, "Mother" Teresa, and those who worked with her, never tried to convert to Christ the dying people for whom they cared. Instead, "Mother" Teresa declared: We become a better Hindu, a better Muslim, a better Catholica better whatever we are.

What God is in your mind you must accept" from Mother Teresa: Her break into stardom came when Malcolm Muggeridge -- a very pious British political and social pundit -- adopted her for his pet cause.

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Inhe made a very famous film about her life -- and later a book -- called Something Beautiful for God. Both the book and the film deserve the label hagiography.

So it wasn't the result of the propaganda of the "Holy Office," but when the Catholic church realized it had a winner on its hands, it was quick to adopt her. She was a very great favorite of the faithful and a very good advertisement to attract non-believers or non-Catholics.

And she was very useful for the current pope as a weapon against reformists and challengers within the church. The secular world honored her with the Nobel Peace Prize and accolades on every hand. More significant and difficult to understand [was] the applause given to her by those claiming to be Bible-believing Christians.

She was a great worshiper of Mary ; she believed the cracker of the mass is Jesus Christ; she believed all men are children of God. In her speech before the United Nations in Octobershe said, "We gather to thank God for the 40 years of the beautiful work of the United Nations for the good of the people.

No color, no religion, no nationality should come between us -- we are all children of God. They are Jesus for me. If people become better Hindus, better Muslims, better Buddhists by our acts of love, then there is something else growing there. Reflections, Meditations, and Prayers, "Mother" Teresa says on pp.

It matters to the individual what church he belongs to. If that individual thinks and believes that this is the only way to God for her or him, this is the way God comes into their life -- his life.

If he does not know any other way and if he has no doubt so that he does not need to search then this is his way to salvation. She was a self-sacrificing woman who followed a false religion. Only the priest put Jesus there for us.

Jesus wants to go there, but we cannot bring him unless you first give him to us. This is why I love priests so much. We could never be what we are and do the things we do without you priests who first bring Jesus to us.

She definitely did not lead them to the one, true, eternal salvation through the finished sacrifice of Calvary. She said that her purpose was to bring her patients closer to the "God" in whom they already believe; so that a Hindu becomes a better Hindu, a Buddhist a better Buddhist, etc.

She told how to witness for Jesus: In an interview with a nun who worked with "Mother" Teresadying Hindus were instructed to pray to their own Hindu gods! What are you telling them to prepare them for death and eternity?

She replied candidly, 'We tell them to pray to their Bhagwan, to their gods.

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No matter how plausible from man's earthly vantage point, when good works are conducted by unregenerate religious people, what is promoted is a cursed false gospel, encouraging the lost heathen to have hope in their false gods, even as they lay upon their death beds.

In God's eyes, therefore, the entire endeavor was a cursed one, and no Christian should have supported, assisted, or praised a work cursed by God!

Mother Teresa -- A Simple Path contains inside cover notes declaring it "a unique spiritual guide. A paragraph in the Foreword sets the foundation for its reading.

Yet Mother Teresa has, perhaps with the influence of the East, distilled six steps to creating peace in ourselves and others that can be taken by anyone -- even someone of no religious beliefs or of a religious background other than Christian -- with no insult to beliefs or practices.

The life and influence of mother teresa

This is why, when reading Mother Teresa's words and those of her community, we may, if we choose, replace the references to Jesus with references to other godheads or symbols of divinity" p.

Her six steps to creating peace are: For those who don't know if they believe much in anything, "Mother" Teresa suggested they try small acts of love toward others. She strongly believed in prayer for everyone. She found no problem praying with Hindus, Muslims and other faiths.Mother Teresa Charitable Trust Mother Teresa (MTCT) is a Social Welfare Organization striving for the upliftment of the poor, down trodden, and under privileged in the society irrespective of caste, creed or religion in the footsteps of the great Mother Teresa!

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:Mother Teresa Charitable Trust:

illustrious. Saint Albert the Great was a bishop who introduced Greek and Arabic science to medieval Europe, raising understanding of botany, biology, physics, and other studies of nature.A scientist himself, he wrote many books on these subjects.

Oct. Alessandra Alex, Alexandra, Alexandrina, Alexis, Cassandra, Sandra. Born in Avila, a fortressed town of knights, famous for their valor and skill in war, their Castilian honor, their fierce loyalty and love of freedom, Teresa was the fifth child in a family of eleven, and came into the world on March 28, .

Mother Teresa did not get involved in politics as most current leaders do in order to achieve what they want. But she used her influence when it came to promote the respect of human dignity and freedom.

Mother Teresa — Albanian Leader born on August 26, , died on September 05, Blessed Teresa of Calcutta, MC, commonly known as Mother Teresa, was a Roman Catholic religious sister and missionary who lived most of her life in India.

Mother Teresa was born Anjezë Gonxhe Bojaxhiu in in the Ottoman Empire, in what is today Macedonia. At 18, she moved to a Catholic abbey in Ireland to learn English and to become a missionary, and after just one year she was sent to India to begin that work.

CATHOLIC ENCYCLOPEDIA: St. Teresa of Jesus (Teresa of Avila)