Telus vs rogers corporate financial analysis

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Telus vs rogers corporate financial analysis

Communications Taxation provides comprehensive coverage of all aspects of telecom taxes, regulations and fees.

I. Professionalism (7 – 10 questions)

The program typically attracts over tax professionals from all sectors of the industry -- including wireline, mobile, cable, Internet, VoIP, enterprise services as well as emerging areas such as content, device manufactures, entertainment and cloud providers.

Why you should attend: Questions about the Program? Please feel free to contact me for any reason. Matthew Lucas, Program Chair mlucas telestrategies. May 14, "Understanding Communications Taxation" led by Deloitte. Click here for a detailed agenda and description. What it Means for the Telecom Industry The political landscape has changed at an unprecedented pace this year, with new initiatives throwing conventional operating models into flux.

This panel will consider how these regulatory reforms hit you, including the impact on telecom services, partnerships, and technology investments; what federal tax reform means for telecoms now and into the future; and lastly, predict what shocks to our system are yet to come.

This session will decipher which services are classified private voice and data services, how an auditor would test this and how the FCC, State PUC and State DOR authorities have exercised authority over these services.

Think back a few years, nobody would have predicted gigabit networks, self-driving cars, the domination of cloud services, virtual currency or the billions of IoT devices transforming industries. This session will peek around the next corner of technology and help you make sense of the key innovations, technologies and shifting business models that are driving the communications industry forward, and address both the tactical and long-term impact on your tax department.

One seemingly simple change to how your company offers a service could dramatically impact compliance with state and local telecommunications tax laws. We will discuss strategies for effective, real world audit defense. Depending on the nature of the audit being New York Excise tax, City of Los Angeles Utility Users Tax or anything in between there are many critical elements that must be considered to have audit results return favorable findings to the telecom companies.

Telus vs rogers corporate financial analysis

We will discuss trends from auditors in the past 20 years, and review a case study. This session discusses how to harness the power of your data through advanced technology tools. Meanwhile, the same jurisdictions are facing budget crises never before seen, thereby making audit recovery their first priority.

This session presents views from seasoned veterans from some of the largest providers regarding current audit issues and industry trends, as well as pragmatic perspectives on audit defense best practices and success strategies.

Developments and Defenses States and localities continue to aggressively pursue the taxation of various digital products and services. This session will address the key issues and arguments digital service providers should be aware of to defend against the various ways states and localities seek to subject them to both new and existing sales and excise taxes.

This session will cover the basics of unclaimed property as well as the most recent state legislative updates affecting the industry e. The speakers will discuss exposure areas when under examination or while pursuing a Voluntary Disclosure Agreement VDA ; the revised Delaware program; recent wave of notices to potentially noncompliant holders; and best practices for maintaining compliance.

One outcome is strained arguments and positions underlying USAC audit findings looking to maximize assessable revenues. These efforts include increased scrutiny of exempt sales, demands for extensive documentation to support these sales, and with regards to exemption certificates a shift of the burden of proof from the purchaser to the vendor.

This discussion will detail how technology can mitigate audit exposure related to exempt sales and identify best practices for your tax department in order to prepare for the next audit.

This session will look at the emerging technology options, implementation considerations and potential ROI. The speakers will focus on State anti-absorption statutes, methods of allocating taxes, required customer disclosures and some of the barriers companies must overcome.

This session is suitable both as an industry primer, as well as an update for veterans. The Best Offense is a Good Defense This breakout discussion will focus on proactive approaches to managing audits and negotiating liabilities to minimize potential audit assessments.

The session will look at the alternatives to traditional audits and provide real-world examples of negotiated settlements to consider as you navigate through your current and future audit activities.

Jamie Brenner — PwC.Predictions on business development from analysts polled by Thomson-Reuters are tight. This results from either a good visibility into core activities or accurate earnings releases.

The company is one of the best yield companies with high dividend expectations. Canadian Dividend Telecom Comparison: BCE Vs Rogers Vs Shaw Vs Telus. DivGuy · Aug 3, · 8 Comments. wireless, cable and media. While the Rogers business is similar to Telus when we compare wireless and cable services, RCI.B has an extra division called media.

Telus vs rogers corporate financial analysis

there is only a single obvious BUY and it’s Telus. Other Financial. Nov 28,  · Telus vs. Rogers Corporate Financial Analysis Ã⃜ Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Background Brief introduction about Telus and Rogers TELUS participation is the largest tele communication theory company in Western Canada and the second largest in the Kylie Turner.

Caution regarding forward-looking statements summary. This annual report contains statements about future events, including with respect to our consolidated and segmented targets, normal course issuer bid, multi-year dividend growth and share purchase programs, and financial and operating performance of TELUS that are forward-looking.

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