Summary of veneration without understan

An Analysis for Jose Rizal Are you with me??. He was regarded as one of those who fought for freedom, not through the literally revolutionary way, but through his works and writings. He fought the bloodless way, for he believed that the pen is mightier than the sword. Jose Protacio Rizal Mercado y Alonzo Realonda the doctor, the writer, the economist, the philosopher, our national hero.

Summary of veneration without understan

It depicts how shallow the knowledge of the Filipinos is about Rizal and nationalism. In other countries, to be a national hero, you should be a leader of a revolution. But it was different with the Philippines; Rizal, being the national hero, repudiated the revolution and was completely against it.

Rizal had other nationalistic interests such as the reform. The purpose of the reform is to be a province of Spain and have equality between the Spaniards and Filipinos.

Blog Archive Some quotes from the essay along with some comments: With regards to the contradiction of Rizal's martyrdom and reformism:

Because of this, Constantino was in doubt if Rizal should really be considered as the national hero. It is us, who Constantino has been talking about in his title, people who are used to adore Rizal until they have understood the true essence of being a national hero.

The Philippine Commission was searching for the national hero as someone who has the personality of detesting the idea of revolution and instead, was a governmental reformist who wants liberty to be achieved in a peaceful way.

Rizal was the perfect fit for this. He was acknowledged as American-sponsored hero and was labeled as a limited hero by Constantino. However, separatist movement refused that led to Katipunan revolt. Throughout the years, it was instilled in my mind that Rizal made the greatest contributions to our independence.

His works opened the minds, eyes and consciousness of the Filipinos from yesterday, today, and tomorrow. Not just because he was in contradiction of the revolution means that he does not deserve to be the national hero.

He was against it because he wanted a revolution that is planned and systematized.

Summary of veneration without understan

I admire Bonifacio and other men involved in the revolution for their braveness to stand up against the Spaniards to attain our freedom. Many lives have been wasted because of their impatience. Rizal had everything planned out.

Reaction Paper: Veneration Without Understanding by Renato Constantino | Persuasive Essay Format

He was very much aware of the status of the Philippines in terms of education, economics, and governance. These are the primary elements a dependent country 2 should exploit if it combats to stand on its own. It was very well defined that the Filipino people were not properly educated and so do not stand a chance for opportunities for economics and minimal political publicities.

This is why Rizal decided to be a reformist than to be a revolutionist. As a reformist, if the Philippines will be a part of Spain, Filipinos will be given the same rights and opportunities as what the Spaniards were enjoying such as fair education, economic development, and political connections.

All Rizal ever wanted is to accomplish stability before attaining independence because with stability, everything else will follow.• Since Rizal is continued to be venerated by his people. Constantino • Constantino had set up the criterion of “revolutionary leadership” as the one that would govern the choice of a national hero.

(despite shortcoming). then our veneration of Rizal as our national hero is misplaced. a veneration without understanding.

The article "Veneration Without Understanding" by Renato Constantino made a very remarkable and thought-provoking ideas to the reader, be it a Rizalist or anti-Rizalist, or even I that is positioned in neutrality with regards to the topic.5/5(5).

Reaction Paper: Veneration Without Understanding by Renato Constantino Constantino was correct in calling for a review of the approach to Philippine history by predecessors. History has distorted the meaning of nationalism, as such that changing the name of the inhabitants of this archipelago from "Filipino" to "Maharlika" was considered by some as the epitome of nationalist sentiment.

Feb 02,  · Reflections on the Veneration Without Understanding Rizal should not be the national hero of the Philippines. This was Renato Constantino’s thesis in . VENERATION WITHOUT UNDERSTANDING: MY ANALYSIS“More than a hundred years ago, a hero was born.

He was regarded as one of those who fought forfreedom, not through the literally revolutionary way, but through his works and writings.

Summary of veneration without understan

 “Veneration without Understanding” Veneration without Understanding The national revolution represents a peak of achievement to which the minds of man return time and again in reverence and for a renewal of faith in freedom. For the national revolution is invariably the one period in a nation's history when the people were most united, most involved, and most decisively active in the fight for freedom.

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