Serenas diner

And Serena Williams really aced it, serving up a totally unique s-themed baby shower at a diner. Hair stylist Angela Meadows came as Lucille Ball.

Serenas diner

Edit Georgina informs Serena that she is prepared to reveal damaging information from Serena's past. Blair and Jenny escalate their popularity war by spreading scandalous rumors about each other through Gossip Girl.

Dan witnesses Jenny's new boyfriend, Asher, cheating on her, but Jenny refuses to listen to her brother's warning. Rufus goes to Lily for advice on how to handle Jenny's recent out-of-character behavior. Recap Edit Blair, Jenny, and the other girls sit on the Met steps.

Blair asks what they're doing that night and Penelope says that Asher's parents are going to be out of town so he and Jenny are having a party.

Peterborough Examiner - May 5, - Peterborough Musicfest Serena Ryder, I Mother Earth, Kiefer Sutherland and more PTBOCanada - May 5, - Here Is The Peterborough Musicfest Lineup For 30th Anniversary Season. Food at Serena Café is hearty, drawing in truckers and farmers for a quick-served meal. I opted for the Farmer’s Special, which arrived in a sizeable skillet as a scramble with eggs, diced potatoes, country ham, and onions.4/4. Vina Del Mar, La Serena, Vina del Mar, Santiago. Add South America Options. Chile Solar Eclipse Tour Five Days Four Nights Chile Solar Eclipse Tour with Buenos Aires Iguazu Falls Ten Days Nine Nights The Chile Solar Eclipse July 2, will be seen just inland from La Serena, Chile.

Jenny adds that it's by invitation only and Nelly offers Blair her invite, but Jenny shoots her down.

Rufus then calls her, while looking at the party invitation, and asks what time she wants him to serve her favorite dinner. She lies that she has a choir thing that he already agreed to let her go to and he offers to wait. She says that they'll have food at the event so he doesn't have to wait for her to eat and hangs up, then pretends she was talking to the party planner.

Asher surprises Jenny by showing up at that moment and Blair wonders aloud how Jenny worked her way up so quickly. Meanwhile, Serena and Eric walk to school.

As soon as they leave The Palace, Eric excuses himself to do something before school while Serena takes a call from Chuck, and she promises him that she is fine after the Georgina thing.

In Brooklyn, Georgina, pretending to be Sarah, sits in Vanessa's diner and thanks her and Dan for adopting her as a friend. Dan then arrives and complains about Jenny's infatuation with Asher. Vanessa and Georgina encourage him to let her be happy and Georgina asks if things are better with Serena.

He answers that they are and she says she would love to meet her. He suggests they all hang out that night, which Georgina agrees to.

At Constance, Eric watches from afar while Asher and Jenny kiss goodbye. When Asher leaves, Eric pulls Jenny aside and says he thinks he isn't the right choice for her.

Jenny assumes that he has a crush on her and says that while that's sweet, her heart belongs to Asher.

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Inside school, Dan asks Serena what she's doing that night. She sighs that she has to meet with her SAT tutor every night and it's boring. He instead invites her to hang out with him and Sarah but she turns him down, saying she already agreed to a dinner with Lily and Eric; as Bart and Chuck are out of town.

She suggests the next night and before he can agree, he sees Jenny kissing Asher.

Serenas diner

Serena encourages him to give Asher a chance and to maybe hang out with him during his free period. He agrees to this and goes outside. On his way out, he texts Sarah to say Serena can't come hang out with them, which she receives as she watches the school from across the street.

Meanwhile, Dan walks out to the street just in time to see Asher kissing a boy. At The Palace, Lily leaves the hotel to attend a day of wedding planning. She runs into Rufus before getting into her car, who asks for a moment to ask advice about Jenny.

She thinks it over and offers to talk with him on the way to her first appointment. Back at Constance, Dan tells Asher that he saw him kiss that guy earlier. Asher says that it never happened and threatens to take Jenny's virginity to prove he's not gay. Offended, Dan shoves him and asks Jenny for a moment alone.

She says anything he can say to her, she can say in front of her boyfriend. As he's about to reveal what he saw, Asher jumps in that he was planning to invite her to his parent's country house but Dan said they were moving too fast.

Jenny tells Dan that he should be happy for her for once and to realize he's just jealous of Asher. Meanwhile, Blair and Serena have lunch on the Met steps.

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Blair is annoyed at not being invited to Jenny and Asher's party and asks Serena to have a girls' night with her. Serena declines, saying she has a dinner with her family, and Dan shows up.

He confesses that he's still worried about Jenny and both girls tell him that Jenny is more likely to believe something from a guy, a friend, or Gossip Girl over him. At Mark Ingram, Rufus attends Lily's wedding dress fitting with her and wonders how he can keep better tabs on Jenny if she can have a relationship with someone from her bedroom.Sep 01,  · The tennis star gathered friends Ciara, LaLa Anthony and Eva Longoria, along with sister Venus Williams, at a retro diner.

9 reviews of Serena Cafe "not sure what happened to my orginal review. This place is amazing. Everything is cooked to order, and reasonably priced.

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There is genuine small town charm, and it is worth hoping off the express way on your way down /5(10). Serena Williams’ husband continues to highlight her greatness and his love and admiration for her.

And we love it. She fought for her life, for our child, for recognition, for equal pay, for women’s rights. Jul 01,  · Serena became a mother in September of and she made her post-maternity comeback at the French Open in May, in another startling outfit: a black full-length catsuit.

At the time, she explained the fashion choice as a compression suit that helped prevent blood clots. Serena Carrozza is on Facebook.

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Join Facebook to connect with Serena Carrozza and others you may know. Facebook gives people the power to share and makes. The Diner held two pre-opening friends and family nights to benefit the Wounded Warriors of Pennsylvania and the Lymphoma and Leukemia Foundation, raising $3, and $3, respectively.

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