Mis case study with solution india

About redBus redBus is an Indian travel agency that specializes in bus travel throughout India by selling bus tickets throughout the country. The company also offers software, on a Software as a Service SaaS basis, which gives bus operators the option of handling their own ticketing and managing their own inventories.

Mis case study with solution india

You can gain access to the case studies from the links below. If you are not a student on the MIS course, you are welcome to use them for teaching and non-profit use. If you wish use these case studies, please contact me first - case.

The interviews used in these case studies are edited and anonymous versions of the interviews used in C. New Technology, Work and Employment, 10 1March,pp 56 - Further details of this work can be found here.

If you wish to research the issues raised in these case studies further, you may find the links on the MIS links page or some text books from the MIS books section of some use to you.

All of the case studies have the same form. The case studies are intended to be group exercises.

Mis case study with solution india

Form teams of the appropriate size. Each individual team member should read the background material and one case study interview. The whole team should meet together and answer the questions.

Case Study Two (teams of six)

Case Study One teams of five Case Study One is the smallest of the case studies 25 pages and looks at the problems that a chemical company Company Y experienced when it attempted to implement a particular type of information system MRP II in its plants.

The case study is based on five interviews with directors and senior managers in the company. You should note that each interview only contains part of the whole picture and are spread over a period of 18 months. Case Study Two teams of six Case study two is larger 67 pages and is split into two documents: The case study is about a the effects that the introduction of the Customer Service System CSS had on the way that BT were able to manage their business and b the way in which CSS affected the way in which those managers worked.

The background material consists of general background material on BT and some press cuttings on BT. The interviews are edited transcripts from interviews with six managers at BT. Again, each interview only contains part of the whole picture although in this case all of the interviews were conducted at the same time.

Case Study Three teams of eight The final case study is larger again 72 pages and is also split into two documents: The background material consists of general background material on Royal Mail and some press cuttings. There are eight interviews all of which were conducted at the same time.

As before, each interview contains only part of the whole picture.Plagiarism Free • We do every case solution from scratch.

Case Study One (teams of five)

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The first major epidemic was reported in , followed by another outbreak in regardbouddhiste.com  · CASE STUDY Results and Benefits Implementing the Pitney Bowes Software solution has benefitted Domino’s by: • streamlining the process of planning franchise territories and reducing theregardbouddhiste.com /uploads//01/regardbouddhiste.com  · The solution The bank engaged Fujitsu, along with application vendor NCR, to centralise this system into one data centre that provides near instant cheque clearing combined with total data visibility Case Study State Bank of India Page 2 of 2 Products and servicesregardbouddhiste.com

Management Information System in Restaurant Case Study