Math projects for middle school

Oftentimes math is a subject that students fear and dislike, which is complicated by the fact that many students have low self-confidence concerning the topic. Fortunately, over the years, educators have created math projects for middle school students that are both educational and engaging. Calendar Algebra This project deals with solving two-step equations. Students can work in pairs; each pair needs a calendar page, from any month of any year.

Math projects for middle school

It's important for teachers to tap into the students' interests to ensure math projects are successful. They can discuss topics with students or, even better, survey students' interests. For example, if 95 percent of the students build model cars as a hobby, perhaps the cafeteria survey project could turn into a car survey project.

Geometry Map Project Assign students the task of designing a map that includes several different kinds of lines, angles and triangles. The map can be of a town, their neighborhood or school, or even a made-up place.

Instructors can feel free to be as specific or vague as to what the map includes, but is should contain parallel and perpendicular streets; one obtuse angle and one acute angle formed as the result of two streets intersecting; and buildings in the shape of quilateral triangle, a scalene triangle, and an isosceles triangle.

Finally, the map must also include a compass rose. Then, students should include at least five directions from one to place to another on the map using the words parallel, perpendicular and intersect. Real-World Probability Give the students the following probability problem to solve and illustrate.

In the real-world scenario, there are parking spaces in the parking lot of the school. On a normal Tuesday, people drive and park in random parking spots. The students must determine the number of different ways the cars can be parked in the lot.

Determine the probability of two or more specific cars parking side by side on any day, for two and three consecutive days, and for no consecutive days. Illustrate the four probability days.

Math projects for middle school

For example, students must solve cryptograms where numbers are replaced by letters in arithmetic equations and they must determine the numbers the letters represent.

Either assign the students to go through the book and read the stories and complete the math teasers or assign the students to come up with their very own seemingly impossible math teasers. Cafeteria Survey Ask students to come up with five different questions to ask 50 people in the school about what foods they'd like to see in the cafeteria.

The questions should ideally suggest five different food suggestions, but the creative angle is up to the students. The students should then graph and chart the results of their survey.Students learn so many new math skills in middle school, and they need to know how to apply them effectively.

These hands-on middle school math projects will . Finally. Math class is awesome. Real-world lessons from Mathalicious help middle and high school teachers address the Common Core Standards while challenging their students to think critically about the world.

Ideas for middle school math projects are endless. Consider finding or creating a project with real-world applications. For instance, think of a field that interests you, such as meteorology or real estate, and search for math projects on those topics. "Best Middle School Math Games and Middle School Math Projects.

The link doesn't work, but I like this pic for an idea." "Have the students design a floor plan . Turning social activities like playing board games and darts into math lessons: Shows how middle school math teachers are making math fun.

STEM in Action: Teaching Channel Presents provides an hour of inspiration for middle school teachers. Students learn so many new math skills in middle school, and they need to know how to apply them effectively.

These hands-on middle school math projects will help you practice your skills while still having fun.

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