Lumbermens underwriting alliance salaries of federal employees

Return to Top The Bonners Ferry Lumber Company, a Weyerhaeuser enterprise, was formed in Wisconsin late in to take over some 13, acres of timberland, logging contracts, a mill site, sawmill machinery and riparian rights located on the Kootenai River at Bonners Ferry, Idaho.

Lumbermens underwriting alliance salaries of federal employees

Robert Hiltonsmith Every day, Americans benefit from public structures that contribute to our lumbermens underwriting alliance salaries of federal employees of life.

Through federal contracts and other funding, our tax dollars are fueling the low-wage economy and exacerbating inequality. Hundreds of billions of dollars in federal contracts, grants, loans, concession agreements and property leases go to private companies that pay low wages, provide few benefits, and offer employees little opportunity to work their way into the middle class.

At the same time, many of these companies are providing their executives with exorbitant compensation. This is more than the number of low-wage workers at Walmart and McDonalds combined.

Our analysis encompasses U. This encompasses the largest share of poorly-paid workers funded by our taxes. However, other streams of funding have yet to be analyzed.

For example, loans and subsidies from the Department of Agriculture fund giant agribusinesses that employ more than a million farm workers, while grants from the Department of Education fund low-wage assistant teachers, bus monitors and cooks in Head Start and other programs. Due to lack of data, retail and food service workers for concessionaires of the National Parks Service and other federal agencies also fall outside our analysis.

Our nation has a history of ensuring our tax dollars provide decent jobs. From the Davis-Bacon Act to Executive Order ofand a host of other laws and executive actions, our laws have mandated that companies working on behalf of the American people are upholding high standards of employment practices.

Yet as the nature and prevalence of federal contracting, lending and grant-making have changed, and some laws have been weakened, working people have fallen through the cracks. When our tax dollars underwrite bad jobs, the economy as a whole is weakened and all of us are negatively affected.

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There is a ripple effect as low-paid workers and their families have little money to spend, hindering economic growth that could be creating more jobs. Poorly-paid workers also contribute less in taxes and are more likely to rely on public benefits to care for their families.

In contrast, we would all benefit from an economy where workers earn good wages—and we have a special responsibility to see that the people working on behalf of our nation are paid and treated fairly.

Raising standards for people working on behalf of America is one important piece to providing opportunities for workers to reach the middle class. Yet these proposals will require Congressional approval.

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Legislative action would likely also be necessary to reach all of the 1. But through an executive order, President Obama has significant authority to improve many of the poorly-paid workers whose work is paid for with our tax dollars.

At a time of budget cuts and austerity, lifting and broadening standards for employees working on behalf of America would not necessarily mean a significant increase in the tab for taxpayers. Evidence on the impact of local living wage laws and economic development agreements that incorporate job standards indicates that the cost to taxpayers does not rise dramatically when workers are paid decent wages.

By raising wages for these workers, there will also be public savings due to the reduction in demand for public benefits like food stamps. Finally, high salaries of executives at contracting firms suggest that there are substantial funds that could be better allocated.

In many cases, raising wage standards for workers may not require any additional taxpayer dollars. Today, we have an opportunity to do right by workers who are working on behalf of America by ensuring our tax dollars are providing decent and fair wages.

This report provides an analysis of the current composition of poorly-paid workers whose jobs are funded with our tax dollars. These workers represent a large spectrum of occupations, from workers sewing military uniforms to hospital aides funded by Medicare, security guards with contracts to protect public buildings, and food cart vendors at the National Zoo.

lumbermens underwriting alliance salaries of federal employees

We look at the role of taxpayer dollars in fueling the low-wage labor market and explore the disparity between low-wage workers and highly-paid CEOs in the Washington D. Finally, we offer policy recommendations outlining an executive order that could raise standards for low-wage employees who are working on behalf of our country.

America's Lost Standing Commitment to Workers Now Falls Short The idea that employees working on behalf of America should benefit from strong workplace protections has a long history in American law. The Davis-Bacon Act, passed inmandates that federally contracted construction workers be paid at least the prevailing wage within a particular area for their work.

Inthe Walsh-Healey Act extended similar protections to workers manufacturing goods to be used by federal agencies, including the military. The Service Contract Act further mandates that employees of federal contractors or subcontractors who provide services to federal agencies should also be covered by prevailing wage standards.

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More directly, they were intended to provide economic protections to the targeted groups of workers. First of all, they largely apply only to employees of federal contractors and subcontractors, leaving out employees whose work is supported through other public funding streams, such as small business loans or Medicare spending.

Second, because prevailing wages reflect local industry standards, they cannot guarantee adequate wages and benefits in low-wage industries or regions of the country. Private employees working on behalf of America need additional protection.

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The Bonners Ferry Lumber Company, a Weyerhaeuser enterprise, was formed in Wisconsin late in to take over some 13, acres of timberland, logging contracts, a mill site, sawmill machinery and riparian rights located on the Kootenai River at Bonners Ferry, Idaho.

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