Kak sdelat slideshow powerpoint

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Kak sdelat slideshow powerpoint

kak sdelat slideshow powerpoint

Sometimes creation of a good presentation becomes a part of a job interview and in many companies results of work and new project are also presented with the help of slides and diagrams.

Thus, presentation skills nowadays have become as important as computer skills or communication skills. But what are the elements of a successful presentation? In fact, there are four main points to keep in mind: Let us start with the content of your presentation.

The main thing here is accuracy of information. Today there are many websites where we can find loads of information. But is this information trustworthy?

Check and double-check all the facts that you find online. Try to make sure that the data you want to include in your presentation is accurate and true.

Quantity of information is also very important. On the one hand, some well-known facts may seem boring to people. On the other hand, too much of new information is difficult to understand and to remember.

Usually you have a time limit. So you should be sure that you have enough time to tell everything you have planned. Do not overload your presentation with extra information. Choose carefully the most significant points. Next issue is the structure of your presentation. It should be very clear and transparent for your audience.

Do not forget to introduce your topic at the beginning and after that introduce a short plan of what you are going to tell.

Always remind your audience about your plan when you move between the points. It will be easier for people to follow you during your talk.

As for the language of your presentation, try to avoid grammar, vocabulary and phonetic mistakes. Check the pronunciation of difficult word, especially names and numbers beforehand. Try to tell your speech several times to a friend the day before the actual presentation.

Include several questions into your text. But probably the main key to success is delivery, i. Everything is important here. You voice should be neither too loud no too low. Try to use different intonations and change the volume of your voice to attract attention because with a low monotonous voice you will read everyone to sleep.

By the way, never read text on your slides or text on your notes. Use them only as a plan which can help you not to forget the main points. Moreover, never write the whole sentences in your plan, only key words. This will help you to make your own sentences. It is easier to listen to a person who speaks than to a person who reads.

Another part of how you deliver your presentation is body language.Collaborate for free with an online version of Microsoft PowerPoint. Save presentations in OneDrive. Share them with others and work together at the same time.

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