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Jonghyun's sister called police after he sent her disturbing text messages They took him to hospital but he was declared dead on Monday, December 18 CNN Fans of K-pop superstar Kim Jong-hyun are expressing their grief at the loss of the year-old singer who died Monday after committing suicide at a studio apartment in the Gangnam district of Seoul.

K pop

With easy to master and amusing dance moves, a catchy tune, and a great sense of fun it is easy to see why is has become K pop a hit although there actually may be more to the song than that. Noh Hong-cheol and Psy taking the world by storm. America, however, is not the be all and end all.

Youtube / Hard Version I have recently graduated from university and finished my degree in accounting. I am planning to pursue music in the future.

K-Pop has been popular all over Asia for some time now and has been subtly making strides K pop the West as well, at least until Psy blew any subtlety out of the water.

I thought it was far too silly, possibly a bit childish, and devoid of any K pop talent. There is much to add, however, and most of it is a fair amount of praise, particularly on the business side of marketing K-Pop artists, but I also think there is real entertainment merit in it and the messages it sends to young people appear a little more wholesome than our music artists in the West.

A great deal of the popular and visible music industry in Korea has everything to do with actual music companies and much less to do with the artists themselves. Most people who have an interest in K-Pop know which record label their favourite artists belong to and have preferences to one specific entertainment company or another.

Independent artists with some good talent do exist in Korea, but you do not tend to hear about them or hear their songs unless you make a genuine attempt to find them.

K pop

As time has gone by, I have come to realise that these record labels are shrewd and smart cookies indeed. They have built up an industry based on a kind of music that only requires them to find young and beautiful boys and girls with a modicum of talent K pop perform songs that I strongly suspect the companies have the vast majority of or all the input in writing.

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There is rarely a shortage of young people fresh out of high school in any country that would not jump at the chance at being famous so these companies have a never ending production line of new stars.

All they have to do is train them to sing and dance and apply some hip, and in-vogue fashion and they have their finished product.

The main record labels also have the great advantage that because they put together such large groups of mediocre talented young people, they can own them and I suspect many of these young stars have fame but possibly not that great a fortune.

For a couple of decades now, K-Pop groups have come and gone, they had their time in the sun when they were young, beautiful, and fashionable and then they were discarded.

Being pretty and throwing in a few catchy tunes and dance moves can attract big audiences in your own country, that is not difficult to figure out, but to their credit the Korean entertainment giants have achieved much more than that. Whatever you believe about the supposed popularity of K-Pop in the US or Europe as it is overly publicised in the news in Korea the fact is that K-Pop is very popular in a growing number of countries and especially in the rest of Asia.

Even arch rivals Japan cannot get enough of the stuff. How is it that essentially high schoolers, of limited musical ability to begin with, are so popular in so many countries?

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For a start, they appeal principally to teenagers and particularly young girls, probably the biggest market for record sales, but at the same time they make the music highly accessible for most demographics. They have girls covered with the boy bands and also with the pretty girl bands and cute dance moves.

They have the teenage boys market covered with the sweet young girls in hot pants and probably most age groups of men too. They even have the middle-aged woman market with the songs and the dance moves popularity with aerobics instructors.

Angelic, but the legs are on display. These are all inside Korea, but the same winning formula can be applied elsewhere and to help the situation they very cleverly insert some easy to understand English into almost every song, especially in the choruses.

I used to think that K-Pop was just caught up in popular Western culture when they used English in their songs and even thought it was kind of embarrassing for them, and arrogantly assumed that the rest of the world loved our language so much that they feel the need to incorporate it into their songs.

Perhaps there is an element of that but maybe we need to credit the music companies with a bit more than pandering to Western culture and music. They have used our style of music and adapted it to suit the Asian way of thinking and the added English gives it a universal appeal.

With the knowledge that most people in the world especially those with some money have at least some rudimentary understanding of English they have successfully incorporated English into their songs. Whether this came about originally by accident or it was a strategy right from the beginning is unimportant, it works.

For me personally, even though I am not that crazy about K-pop, the little hooks of English they pop in every now and then engages me in the song to a degree that I am at least listening to it rather than it being white noise in the background.

I often find myself having these hooks stuck in my head and singing them quietly when I am not concentrating. The music companies of Korea have even gone one step further into a realm that no other countries I know of do; they have different versions of the same song in different languages, most often English and Japanese.

They incorporate foreign singers into the groups also, a great many of these being from China, to encourage more popularity. I can only admire what they are trying to achieve even if it is only motivated by increased record sales and bigger profits.

K-pop has become a style that can be recognised, they could almost patent it. It is often something I cannot fathom in the boy groups.

Originality inside the K-pop genre does not seem to matter too much to the fans. The style, however monotonous, is something that is difficult to really dislike.Preview, buy and download Pop music from your favorite artists on iTunes. You'll also get new recommendations based on your past Pop music purchases and so much more.

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K pop

The show was originally called The M-Wave and was changed to Wave K in In , the show's name was once again retitled to Simply K-Pop and is hosted by Eli Kim of U-KISS.. Currently The Boyz's Kevin and Jacob are the hosts of the show. We chatted with up-and-coming co-ed K-pop group KARD about their skin-care routines and must-have beauty products.

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K-Pop or Korean pop or Korean popular music, is a musical genre using a mix of electronic, hip hop, pop, rock, and R&B music. It began in South regardbouddhiste.com well as music, K-pop has grown into a popular subculture among teenagers and young adults throughout regardbouddhiste.com is a lot of interest in the fashions and styles of Korean idol groups and singers..

K-pop can now reach a much larger audience.

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