How to write a fugue pdf file

Instrumentation[ edit ] Both editions of the Art of Fugue are written in open scorewhere each voice is written on its own staff. This has led some to conclude [6] that the Art of Fugue was intended as an intellectual exercise, meant to be studied more than heard. The renowned keyboardist and musicologist Gustav Leonhardt[7] argued that the Art of Fugue was probably intended to be played on a keyboard instrument and specifically the harpsichord.

How to write a fugue pdf file

I thought it might be interesting to see whether I could provide a simplified, illustrated guide to the art of fugue writing as I understand it. There may be pedagogues here who know more about this subject than I do, and I welcome their input.

how to write a fugue pdf file

I am simply hoping this will be helpful as a starting-off point for those interested in trying to understand the anatomy of a fugue and how it is constructed, along with a few examples of just some of the many advanced techniques one can employ in writing a fugue.

In looking for a subject that would be easy to hear in almost any texture, I chose an old French folk tune, Ah, vous dirais-je, maman. Mozart used it as a theme for a famous set of piano varations.


Almost everyone here will recognise it, either from that source, or as the English nursery tune Twinkle, Twinkle Little Staror as the classroom primer The Alphabet Song. Once the subject was chosen, I spent Sunday evening throwing together a fugue on it, annotating the score as I progressed.

I chose easily distinguishable instruments to serve as the "voices" of the fugue: Also attached is a PDF with errata - problems I ran into and mistakes I made, which you might find helpful in avoiding similar pitfalls yourself.

If you have any questions, please post them here, and I or another willing pedagogue will answer. I sincerely hope this is helpful.Composing a Fugue. The form of a fugue has the advantage of being somewhat strict, especially in its exposition. Thus, one can emulate fugue composition by following a few basic procedures, and then using the fugues of Bach as supreme (if somewhat intimidating!) examples.

how to write a fugue pdf file

Jul 17,  · A PDF score of the Fugue Lesson is attached, which once you see it should be self-explanatory. Also attached is a MIDI of the Fugue Lesson. I chose easily distinguishable instruments to serve as the "voices" of the fugue: Soprano - oboe; Alto - clarinet; Tenor - bassoon; Bass - 'cello.5/5(2).

Fugue (Latin “fuga” to fly) • A fugue is a contrapuntal elaboration of a given motive called the subject.

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Sometimes there can be more than one subject (see double fugue below), but one subject at a time is the most common situation. • . These are pdf files of classical music arranged for recorder groups. I appreciate your feedback.

If you find mistakes in the music or misplaced link, please let me know.

Here is the the song list.

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analyze and compose a fugue exposition. Part Four: The Art of Figured Bass - Chapter Ten: prepares the student to write a figured bass realization and compose a melody above a given figured bass line.