Herb kelleher business plan for southwest

Magnanimity is about dreams, visions and missions. For Kelleher, the higher calling was to make air travel affordable for everyone, to open up the skies, to give ordinary people the chance to go places and do things they had never dreamed of. Inin Texas, Kelleher presented a bold new vision and mission for his company that called employees to a higher purpose. Magnanimity was at the core of it.

Herb kelleher business plan for southwest

LUV has become the darling of the U.


With a focus on commuter benefits, low airfares and efficient operations, it is known as one of the best airline companies in the entire industry. What specifically makes Southwest Airlines so great?

What has helped it to achieve such great success and stand out among its U. Plan Efficiency Many airlines offer a range of service and flight options and have many different types of planes to meet that range of options.

This saves Southwest Airlines millions in yearly maintenance costs and other operating expenses, allowing the company to offer low price solutions to its customers.

Init also added the use of the Boeing which seats approximately 30 more passengers with a capacity of This is in contrast to other airlines that focus on airport hubs, where customers are picked up from out-of-the-way airports and transported to a hub airport first, before catching a connecting flight to their desired destinations.

Customer Service Many airlines offer a range of amenities, such as first class, in-flight meals, and many drink options. Southwest Airlines, with its commitment to low-cost solutions, does not offer any of these amenities.

Instead, Southwest offers a single coach cabin that's slightly roomier than other airlines due to a lack of first-class space. While it offers free snacks and a complimentary drink, it doesn't offer the range of drinks and food that other airlines offer.


Southwest Airlines also offers its customers an advantage through its points system. Using points, travelers have the flexibility to cancel or reschedule flights at any time.

herb kelleher business plan for southwest

No Hidden Fees The airline industry is notorious for rising costs and low profitability. To combat this, many airline companies have slashed perks and increased fees, such as bag fees for checked bags. This allows Southwest Airlines to keep ticket costs down for its customers, who expect low-cost options.

Southwest is also one airline that offers two bags free for its customers.

herb kelleher business plan for southwest

Management Team and Company Culture Southwest Airlines has boasted one of the strongest management teams in the entire airline industry.

Southwest Airlines is also a great place to work. The highly ranked company culture is also an aspect of Southwest Airlines that separates it from the competition as its focus on employee happiness also trickles down to customer happiness.

Southwest employees have some of the best benefits and compensation packages in the industry, and it shows.A smart business plan, of course, but there is something else that Southwest deems crucial: "You put your employees first and if you take care of them, then they will take good care of you," Herb.

Herb Kelleher Leadership Qualities. Herb Kelleher was the co-founder and CEO of Southwest Airlines from to He was known as a very empathetic and charismatic leader that earned him respect throughout the industry resulting in a profit for a consecutive 24 years. Apr 30,  · Most often described as "irreverent," Herb Kelleher, president and CEO of Southwest Airlines, is famous for singing original rap tunes to entertain his staff, commemorating the airline's 25th.

Watch video · Herb Kelleher, Southwest Airlines co-founder and former CEO Today, nearly 50 years later, Southwest is one of the biggest airlines in the world and valued at "probably $20 billion," says Kelleher.

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- Herb Kelleher, Southwest Airlines "If the Wright brothers were alive today, Wilbur would have to fire Orville to reduce costs."-Herb Kelleher, Southwest Airlines (via regardbouddhiste.com) "This is a nasty, rotten business.".

In , Rolling King, an entrepreneur who owned a small commuter air service, approached Herb Kelleher’s law office about a plan to start a low-cost/low-fare airline that would transport passengers between San Antonio, Dallas, and Houston.

Southwest Airlines, Inc. (SWA), was founded in , in.

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