Creating a just society in china

It has been said that there are two pursuits which Chinese enjoy, gambling and secret societies. It is my desire to bring their mysteries and machinations to you with this address and, in so doing, provide stimuli for the quest for further knowledge. Let us commence with China and the Hung Society.

Creating a just society in china

A change of culture was needed to increase consumption In his book, Global Problems and the Culture of Capitalism Allyn and Bacon,Richard Robins describes that for the rise of consumerism in the United States to occur, buying habits had to be transformed and luxuries had to be made into necessities.

He describes numerous ways in which this was accomplished pp.

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A major transformation in the meaning of goods and how they were presented and displayed. The evolution of the department store into a place to display goods as objects in themselves. Orchestras, piano players, flower arrangements, and so on would be used to present goods in a way that inspired people to buy them.

The department store became a cultural primer telling people how they should dress, furnish their homes, and spend their leisure time. The goal of the advertisers Creating a just society in china to aggressively shape consumer desires and create value in commodities by imbuing them with the power to transform the consumer into a more desirable person.

The idea of fashion would help in the stirring up of anxieties and restlessness over the possession of things that were not new or up-to-date. Fashion pressured people to buy not out of need but for style — from a desire to conform to what others defined as fashionable.

Customers were to be treated like guests. The adage of the customer is always right rings true here. A transformation of the major institutions of American society, each redefining its function to include the promotion of consumption.

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Robbins notes that, Educational and cultural institutions, governmental agencies, financial institutions, and even the family itself changed their meaning and function to promote the consumption of commodities.

Business schools popped up in many places. Robbins also describes the setting up of the U. Commerce Department inunder Herbert Hoover, as a clear example of the increasing role of the federal government in the promotion of consumption. As he points out: Hoover clearly intended the Department of Commerce to serve as the hand-maiden of American business, and its main goal was to help encourage the consumption of commodities.

It was unique at that time; Britain and other countries did not initiate government-sponsored consumer research until the s. It detailed where the consumers were and what quantities of goods they would consume; it pointed out areas where goods were overdeveloped and which goods were best carried by which stores.

The Commerce Department endorsed retail and cooperative advertising and advised merchants on service devices, fashion, style, and display methods of all kinds. The agency advised retail establishments on the best ways to deliver goods to consumers, redevelop streets, build parking lots and underground transportation systems to attract consumers, use colored lights, and display merchandise in tempting ways.

The goal was to break down all barriers between consumers and commodities Leach This increases the amount of resources that are used, as well as increasing sales for related industries. Robbins is worth quoting again here: Hoover also emphasized individual home ownership.

The Commerce Department flooded the country with public relations materials on homebuying ideas, producing a leaflet entitled Own Your Own Homealong with a film, Home sweet home. They advocated single-dwelling homes over multiunit dwellings and suburban over urban housing.

The leaflet recommended a separate bedroom for each child, saying it was undesirable for two children to occupy the same bed — whatever their age. Regardless of the reasons for these recommendations, the materials produced by the Commerce Department all promoted maximum consumption.

Thus the government responded, as much did educational institutions, to the need to promote the consumption of commodities.

Creating a just society in china

This was accomplished via things like higher wages expanding consumer credit. An effect of this credit was to increase consumer debt, while creating mass markets for consumer goods that stimulated economic growth. But the issue of credit and consumer debt has been making headlines in recent years Aroundthe issue of rising consumer debt in America was fairly constant news on the mainstream media, yet the habit of saving in comparison was rarely promoted!

They looked at the issue of consumerism and credit, mostly in Britain, and is summarized here: But it was harder initially, to convince the British public into accepting the credit card. A number of things were attempted to break through the resistance. He described some examples:Shootings at hospitals are far from, the shooting on Monday at Mercy Hospital in Chicago that claimed the lives of four people, including.

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Creating a just society in china

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“Fuck-off”, he tells a journo, because this is how Australians talk to one another. He defends his coprolalia by pretending obscenity, like slut-shaming, is a Libertarian thing.

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