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My graduation date was June The reason I chose the AAS in Engineering Technology is much like yours; more hands on courses and engineering applications in less time, less cost, and it is typically easier to schedule courses at the community colleges. I did a lot of soul searching before committing the time and energy to go to school part time while working full time.

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I'm not necessarily opposed to on-line colleges or classes; however, if you're not careful you can end up being a fraud victim.

As the article points out the COC permitted this fraudster access to troops, thus, conduct your own due diligence and don't rely on others, including quite frankly members of this board to unduly influence your decisions. Department of Defense educational programs for veterans as a piggy bank to line their own pockets while cheating more than 2, service members out of an education they were entitled to under the law.

The scheme was a basic bait-and-switch. A company called Ed4Mil worked with two schools: Ed4Mil aggressively recruited service members and veterans, offering them free computers and gift cards to sign up for what they thought were classes taught by Caldwell University.

At the center of the scheme was Ed4Mil founder and president David Alvey. The Harrisburg, Pennsylvania resident saw a business opportunity in educating veterans with government funds but learned that when the government provides tuition and other educational benefits directly to a school, certain requirements must be met that his startup could not satisfy.

But the veterans were instead enrolled in online courses like archery and heavy diesel mechanics that were actually taught by the correspondence school. Students sometimes received a housing allowance for the online school, in violation of the rules governing educational benefits.

Caldwell University has publicly said that current university officials had no knowledge of the fraud, and the university cooperated fully in the investigation.

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In the case of the fraudulent courses, Ed4Mil officials would simply fabricate a grade to make it appear as though the coursework was being completed, as they did not want the service members to complain about owing back tuition.

Stealing money for veterans that was supposed to help them advance their careers and make themselves more marketable to employers after coming out of the military. The student looked up the actual cost of the course he was taking online through the correspondence school and alerted the VA Office of Inspector General OIG.

Alvey pleaded guilty to conspiracy to commit wire fraud and was sentenced last month to five years in prison. He bought a mansion, artwork, and high-end cars and also started other businesses.

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Under his plea agreement, any ill-gotten gains will have to be forfeited as part of the asset forfeiture process. The courses were overpriced, they were not high-quality classes, and they spread them out over more months than needed. Everyone had their own expertise, but we worked together and did our part to help each other stop this fraud that was hurting veterans.If this is your first visit, be sure to check out the FAQ by clicking the link above.

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