Classroom etiquette and dealing with disruption

Board of Education In the spring ofblack students in Virginia protested their unequal status in the state's segregated educational system. Students at Moton High School protested the overcrowded conditions and failing facility.

Classroom etiquette and dealing with disruption

Later that year, Chantique received word from the Franchise executive Bardron that there had been a disturbance during the Tandem Open swoopdueling tournament, one that apparently involved Goethar Kleej and an Arkanian Offshoot.

As explained by the Krish, at the end of the Tandem Open, an ally of Kleej's—the renegade Jedi Zayne Carrick —orchestrated the playing of an audio record that contained a testimonial by Kleej regarding the Franchise's business with the Crucible, as well as recordings of Bardron and Lhosan Industries chairman Jervo Thalien discussing their connection to the slave ring.

The recording was played throughout the orbital sporting station Jervo's Worldand led to public outrage at the league's source of combatants. Since the Franchise and Lhosan Industries were both galaxy-renowned corporations, neither could be seen as having connections with a brutal slave ring, which led the executives of the two companies to contact Chantique to express interest in terminating their relationship.

Chantique met with both Bardron and Thalien on Jervo's World to discuss the incident and the end of their business together, but the Zeltron was uninterested in a peaceful resolution.

While Thalien assured her that Lhosan Industries would provide the Crucible with a severance payment for their prematurely terminated contract, she attacked the Skrilling with her whip and strangled him to death.

Bardron attempted to dissuade her from doing so, as Thalien was the primary source of funds from Lhosan, but Chantique ensured him that the company would simply send another.

Once the Chairman was dead, she examined the holographic recordings of the Arkanian Offshoot who had been on the station with Zayne Carrick and identified her as Jarael, swearing that this time, she would find her old enemy and make her and her allies pay for their past transgressions.

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Just after his successful drop-off, Golliard was contacted by Sungrazer executive Sariyah Budan with regard to the unexpected arrival of two Crucible operatives who demanded more money on behalf of the slaver organization.

Golliard assured Budan that the two were not harassing her on the authority of the Crucible, and returned to the Koornacht Cluster to investigate the disturbance.

Upon arrival, Golliard discovered that the two operatives were in fact Jarael and Zayne Carrick incognito, attempting to free the eighty Crucible slaves that were under Sungrazer ownership and ruin the business relationship between the slavers and the miners.

Chantique was furious with the Captain after the events in the Koornacht Cluster.

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She bound him in chains and subjected him to a mock court-martial. Golliard attempted to defend his actions, but Chantique refused to listen and prepared to execute the man. Her hand was stayed by the intervention of Magister Protector Bar'injar, who claimed that the Captain was a source of information regarding Jarael and Carrick, and that the two now represented a threat to the Crucible, which was his jurisdiction.

The Magister Protector appealed to Chantique's vendetta against Jarael, leading the Zeltron to eventually yield and allow Golliard to live. It's only good I warned you in time. She is of this place, and it is of her. Chantique had established her headquarters in a tower that overlooked the dueling pits, where she conferred with Captain Golliard and Magister Bar'injar regarding the state of the organization.

Not long after the debacle in the Koornacht Cluster, Golliard found a Republic Navy pilot adrift in his Aurek fighter during a patrol in deep space. The man went by the name Carth Kamlinbut upon his arrival on Volgax, Chantique recognized him as Zayne Carrick, based on the recordings from Jervo's World and Golliard's logs from the Koornacht Cluster.

Classroom etiquette and dealing with disruption

The renegade Jedi had been sent to infiltrate the Crucible in an attempt to bring it down from within, while a homing device on his starfighter would lead his allies to Volgax so they could aid him in his objective.

Chantique found the device and destroyed it, leaving Carrick stranded on Volgax in Crucible custody. With Jarael's closest ally in her hands, Chantique devised a plan to separate the two from one another by convincing the young Jedi that his compatriot had been a ruthless slave driver.

She ordered that her lieutenants refer to Carrick by his chosen alias and that he be placed in the combat pits, with every other captive, so that he could bear first-hand witness to the violence created by the Crucible. After his victory in a number of fights, he was pitted against Ralthar Sitana slave who had been with the Crucible for years.

Sitan was a Caamasiand retained the memories of all Crucible-held slaves of his species. He experienced these memories in vivid flashes known as memniiand the slavers, who refused to even acknowledge him by his true name, would not allow him to die so that the agony of all their Caamasi slaves would be preserved within him.

By BBYSitan had lost almost all sense of self and had turned against his peaceful nature for the sake of survival. According to Bar'injar, Carrick would be able to read Sitan's memnii and experience the pain and agony that had been wrought by the Crucible, and by extension, Jarael.

Thus, the Jedi and Caamasi were made to duel one another, with Carrick emerging victorious. After the battle, Carrick was called up from the fight pits so that Chantique could examine him more closely.How The Oil Industry Conquered Medicine, Finance And Agriculture January 22 | From: Mercola "How Big Oil Conquered the World" is a brilliant piece of investigative journalism presented by James Corbett, revealing the immense extent to which the oil industry has shaped and .

by Randall S. Hansen, Ph.D. As a college professor, I am often involved in discussions with other faculty at campuses all over the country about the strange happenings that occur in the classroom -- by students who seem unaware or .

University of California, Davis Office of Student Judicial Affairs Establishing Classroom Etiquette and Dealing with Disruption The tone of the classroom interaction has a significant impact on the educational environment.

Below is a list of links mentioned on Q13 News: PTSD resources. National Alliance on Mental Illness. The Body Keeps the Score. Top 10 Preschooler-Approved Toys of Policy on Classroom Civility and Dealing with Disruption Faculty members are responsible for establishing and managing the seated and online learning.

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Classroom etiquette and dealing with disruption
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