Asking for a letter of recommendation

Employment expert Randall Hansen of Quintessential Careers says not to bother with the old-fashioned "to whom it may concern" recommendation letters. Today's employers typically want to call or email references so they can ask specific questions about your past performance to assess your temperament and ability to fit into the company culture. Lay the groundwork for these contacts by making a polite, direct request for a recommendation.

Asking for a letter of recommendation

How do you get a good letter?

Asking for Recommendations | Fellowships and Research

Ask someone who is in a position to know you well. Most of the people who write a lot of letters are very busy, so provide enough lead time for the writers to schedule your letter when it is convenient for them at least two weeks.

Your letter writers will find it helpful if you consider the following guidelines: Say what term and year you met the letter writer, which classes you took with this person or all the circumstances under which you connected with them: Also, remind the writer what your major projects were about.


You can even attach the projects if the writer might find it useful to refer to them. Explain with some specificity why you want to pursue this opportunity. You may want to share a draft of your letter of intent if you are required to write one.

This will help your letter writer frame what she has to say about you. Mention specific aspects of your past work or performance that the letter writer could focus on.

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The letter writer may ignore you, but at least you will have provided guidance. Provide a list of all the letters you will need, with due dates so that the letter writer can check off the sites as letters are sent.

Some letter writers will want you to include in the list a full mailing address for each of your letters, even for those that are to be submitted electronically some faculty will use these addresses in formal letters on department letterhead.

Addresses can generally be found via the "Contact Us" link of a given organization's or program's Web site. If there are one or more letters on your list that can only be submitted via mail as hard copies, please mark this so that the writer has time to allow for mailing in order to make the deadline.

If there are differences in emphasis between letters i. Most letters are submitted electronically. After you know what you will be doing, be sure to let your letter writers know.

They will want to know what became of that opportunity or where you ended up.How Not to Ask for a Letter of Recommendation Facebook Tweet Google+ Pin Email Your recommenders are doing you a favor, so the least you can do is make their job easier by following proper letter of recommendation (LOR) etiquette.

Request a Letter of Recommendation

Requesting recommendation letters for medical school A. General advice1 Allow plenty of "turnaround time". You want to be sure the letter writer has the opportunity to. When you’re approached to write a letter of recommendation, you should be flattered and hopefully excited to help your co-worker or old colleague.

How to Ask For a Letter of Recommendation. July 24, The Simmons School of Nursing and Health Sciences seeks nurses who possess the skill set and personal drive to improve patient outcomes and make a greater impact in health care.

Why Do You Need Letters of Recommendation?

Applicants should request letters of recommendation from an academic advisor or other appropriate people who have adequate knowledge of your academic potential. You will need to s. Ask them to write the letter on formal letterhead, and tell them whether to give the letter to you or mail it.

Asking for a letter of recommendation

If it's the latter, provide the address along with an envelope and a stamp for their.

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