An analysis of the people who join cults and the reasons they cults

Cults and why People Join Them? From the outside or in hindsight, cults tend to have clearly insane ideas and sometimes okay ideas with insane requirements for being part of the cult. No matter the case, people join them and often wind up paying hefty consequences up to and including death.

An analysis of the people who join cults and the reasons they cults

Who Joins Cults, And Why? Are certain types of people more likely to join a cult? Is there a certain type of person who is more likely to join a cult? Individual vulnerability factors matter much more than personality type when it comes to joining or staying in a cult or abusive relationship.

The ability to fend off persuaders is reduced when one is rushed, stressed, uncertain, lonely, indifferent, uninformed, distracted, or fatigued…. Also affecting vulnerability are the status and power of the persuader…. No one type of person is prone to become involved with cults. About two-thirds of those studied have been normal young persons induced to join groups in periods of personal crisis, [such as] broken romance or failures to get the job or college of their choice.

Vulnerable, the young person affiliates with a cult offering promises of unconditional love, new mental powers, and social utopia.

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Since modern cults are persistent and often deceptive in their recruiting, many prospective group members have no accurate knowledge of the cult and almost no understanding of what eventually will be expected of them as long-term members. At that time, cults were extremely active and some still are on college campuses and in places where young people congregate.

Today, however, increasing numbers of people in their late twenties and older are joining cult groups or getting involved in abusive relationships. In fact, the majority of inquiries to cult information resources involve new recruits or adherents who are in their thirties to fifties, or even sixties.

Still no single personality profile characterizes cult members.

Why Do People Join Cults?

A desire to belong Unassertiveness the inability to say no or express criticism or doubt Gullibility impaired capacity to question critically what one is told, observes, thinks, and so forth Low tolerance for ambiguity need for absolute answers, impatience to obtain answers Cultural disillusionment alienation, dissatisfaction with the status quo Idealism Susceptibility to trance-like states in some cases, perhaps, due to prior hallucinogenic drug experiences A lack of self-confidence A desire for spiritual meaning Ignorance of how groups can manipulate individuals 3 A wide range of human susceptibility emerges when we combine the list of predisposing factors with the potential vulnerabilities mentioned above.

If a vulnerable person happens to cross paths with a cult advertisement or personal recruiter putting forth even a mildly interesting offer, then that ad will likely pay for itself and that recruiter will stand a good chance of making her mark.

The group manipulates these vulnerabilities and deceives prospects in order to persuade them to join and, ultimately, renounce their old lives. Most cult members are of above-average intelligence, well adjusted, adaptable, and perhaps a bit idealistic.

In relatively few cases is there a history of a pre-existing mental disorder. Anyone is capable of being recruited or seduced into a cult if his personal and situational circumstances are right. Cult recruitment is not mysterious. It is as simple and commonplace as the seduction and persuasion processes used by lovers and advertisers.

However, depending on the degree of deception and manipulation involved, the resultant attachments can be even more powerful.

An analysis of the people who join cults and the reasons they cults

You are welcome to post this graphic on your blog, website, or social media This copyrighted article has been excerpted from Take Back Your Life: It is posted at Apologetics Index by permission.Cults don't want, and don't recruit, people with psychological problems or physical handicaps--they represent a loss rather than a gain of cult-oriented productivity.

Cults prefer intelligent, productive individuals who are able to contribute money and talent to "the cause," whatever it may be (Hassan, ). Education Index Why People Join Cults. Why People Join Cults He expressed this belief of why people do the things that they do in his book, Group Psychology and the Analysis of the Ego.

The topic of discussion was that individuals want to remain in harmony with the group (Galanter, ). discuss the reasons which lead people to be. Have you ever wondered why some people join cults? Certainly no one wakes up and thinks, "I'll find a cult to join today." The reality is that cults can prey on unsuspecting individuals, and they can lure them in slowly before .

People join cults for different reasons, and while all cults may not be as fatal as, for example, the infamous People's Temple in Jonestown, the potential for abuse and intimidation can never be ruled out.

The cult leader claims to be appointed by God for a mission.

An analysis of the people who join cults and the reasons they cults

The cult leader claims to have special abilities. The leader is often above reproach and is not to be denied or contradicted. Cult ethos Usually seeks to do good works, otherwise no one would join them.

They are usually moral and possess a good standard of ethical teaching. People enter into a relationship to get to know the other person, they enter into a commitment based on their love, and they seek happiness in life.

Whether happiness revolves around marriage and kids or a significant other to spend life with. Essay on Why People Join Cults Words | 6 Pages One of the reasons young people join.

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