A farewell to arms study guide

An interactive data visualization of A Farewell to Arms's plot and themes. Brief Biography of Ernest Hemingway Ernest Hemingway grew up outside a suburb of Chicago, spending summers with his family in rural Michigan.

A farewell to arms study guide

Henry supervises a group of Italian ambulance drivers. After a wintertime leave spent touring the country, Lieutenant Henry returns to the captured town at the front where his unit lives. One evening his roommate, a surgeon and lieutenant in the Italian army named Rinaldi, introduces Henry to two British nurses: Catherine Barkley and her friend Helen Ferguson.

On his second visit to the British hospital, they kiss. When Henry again visits Catherine, she tells him that she loves him and asks whether he loves her.

He responds that he does. One night, Lieutenant Henry and his fellow ambulance-drivers settle into a dugout across the river from the enemy troops. While the drivers are eating, the Austrian bombardment wounds Henry in the leg and kills one of the other drivers.

Henry is transported by train to an American hospital in Milan. Catherine Barkley arrives at the hospital, to which she has been transferred. Once again, she and Lieutenant Henry declare their love for each other, after which they have sex in the hospital bed.

A farewell to arms study guide

Henry and Catherine spend the summer together while he recuperates from an operation on his leg, visiting restaurants around Milan in the evening and then spending nights together.

On their last evening together in Milan, Henry buys a pistol, and he and Catherine take a room in a hotel. Henry and the other ambulance drivers retreat with the rest of the Italian forces in a long, slow-moving column of troops and vehicles.

They pick up two Italian engineer-sergeants.

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Finally, the ambulances pull off the main road. Henry and the three drivers abandon the ambulances and set out on foot for the Tagliamento River, across which lies safety. Soon they spot German soldiers in the distance.

One driver is shot to death by fellow Italians firing in error. Another driver flees, to surrender to the Germans. Finally safe from the enemy, Lieutenant Henry observes that Italian army officers like himself are being shot by the military police for deserting their troops.

He also fears being mistaken for a German spy. And so he dives into the Tagliamento River, deserting the Italian army, and swims ashore downstream. Henry crosses part of the Venetian plain on foot, then boards a moving train, hiding among guns stored beneath a tarpaulin.

Frederic no longer Lieutenant Henry arrives in Milan, incognito.Year Published: Pages: A Farewell to Arms Summary of Chapters. Chapter 1 to 5. The novel begins describing artillery troops moving through the rains of autumn.

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Increase your understanding of the topics you'll find on the CLEP American Literature exam, including contemporary literature, the Romantic period. A Farewell To Arms was first published in and is widely considered to be one of the most realistic novels dealing with World War I.

Ernest Hemingway wrote the novel as a semi-autobiographical response to his own experiences working as a volunteer ambulance driver for the Italian Army. By Ernest Hemingway.

A farewell to arms study guide

A Farewell to Arms begins in the Alps around the frontier between Italy and present-day Slovenia. Allied with Britain, France, and Russia against the Austro-Hungarian Empire and Germany, Italy is responsible for preventing the Austro-Hungarian forces from assisting the Germans on the war’s western front, and Russia in the east.

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