A discussion of sprint

Montgomery has become world record holder by improving the mark by barely 1 part in - and you have to wonder whether the dimensions of the track and measurement of atheletes performance is really that accurate particularly when the effect of wind swirls etc. If the data is taken at face value, the following graph shows the reduction in speed improvements clearly Figure 1 - History of the m Sprint Record v Time The dark blue line connects the individual record data points. A straight line fit to this is shown in the light blue line in Figure 1 above.

A discussion of sprint

Today, a reader of my newsletter asked me, What is the purpose of Sprint Zero? A colleague of mine argued that during Sprint Zero, the team implements the most important features from the product backlog with the object of determining the team's velocity. So could you help me to understand clearly what is Sprint 0 about and when and why do we need it?

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I really appreciate your helps and articles. Sprint Zero is often used to mean 'getting ready for the first sprint. A sprint 0 which creates say, artifacts like a design document or development environment, violates this rule, because such artifacts have no value for the customer or user.

Still there are some things you need to have ready before you can do your first sprint planning: You must have an initial product backlog and you probably should have a product vision. Enough of the product backlog must be estimated and prioritized that the team can pick a reasonable amount of high value work from the backlog in the first Sprint Planning.

You might need to train your Product Owner and Team on Scrum. By the end of Sprint Planning 1 first half of the sprint planning meetingyou will need to have defined: All of these are legitimate things to address during "Sprint Zero" or the time leading up to the first sprint planning.

A discussion of sprint

What does not come into 'sprint zero'? Creating the development environment, test environment, high level design or other artifacts, and any development or testing.

Actual work related to the project as opposed to getting ready to do Scrum gets prioritized in the Product Backlog, then is agreed upon during the Sprint Planning 1, and must produce some increment of customer value.

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A discussion of sprint

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