A description of one of the great new york city business tycoons

Michigan Central lacks the landmark designation that would give it the protection it deserves, including oversight of alterations or restoration. Political realities often drive preservation decisions and may explain how the Station remains unprotected.

A description of one of the great new york city business tycoons

While she was a bright student who made good grades in subjects she was interested in, she became bored with school routine almost as soon as the novelty of being in class with a lot of boys and girls wore off, and she would wait impatiently for recess, when more important subjects than school work could be discussed.

She enjoyed the excitement that came with the periodic fire drills, and at home she suddenly began to find excuses for not plunging eagerly into performing assigned chores the way Barbara did.

Bryant chided her gently, seeing in her youngest daughter the early signs of development of characteristics that had made Hugh Mohan the glamorous husband she had loved so passionately.

A description of one of the great new york city business tycoons

She had an uneasy feeling about her pretty young daughter's future, but not the slightest premonition of the despair and heartbreak that would be hers and Sheridan's when her daughter's career became almost indistinguishable from one that Hugh Mohan might have followed was he alive.

During the first half of her second term, Louise began the practice of trying to banish boredom by losing herself in daydreams during class hours - drifting off into reveries where life was exciting and romantic, where difficulties mellowed and problems became easy to overcome, no matter what they were.

It was the gene sis of the schizophrenia that would ultimately destroy her. Philip Crosby of Renoninety years old when interviewed inshut his eyes and easily recalled when he was in school with Louise.

He described exactly what she wore - a bright blue dress, her black hair in two long braids tied neatly at the ends with a blue ribbon and reaching far down her back.

Then she would look around the room for something to do that would liven things up. I sat in front of her in the fourth grade, and one day I suddenly felt something around my neck was choking me.

She had taken her long braids with the ends tied with the blue ribbon and using it like a lasso threw it over my neck and began pulling.

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So I grabbed the ends, got them from off around my neck, stuck the ends in the inkwell, turned around and rubbed ink all over her face.

Miss Cruikshank sent us to the principal's office where he made us hold out our hands with the palms up and gave it to us with the end of a razor strap; first me, then her - five times.


She didn't cry, but when we got out of the office, she said "that sonafabitch". Bryant informed Sheridan that she was pregnant with his first child, and the following week, Sheridan came home with a handbill announcing a meeting of the Wadsworth lodge of the American Railway Union to be addressed by Eu gene Debs - founder of the union, and that after lodge there would be a public mass meeting.

Their appearance set off a long ovation with everyone stomping their feet, applauding and yelling, "Hooray, Gene; Hooray, Gene. Lindsay, the chairman of the Wadsworth lodge of the American Railway Union.

Debs was a full six feet tall, with angular features, deep-set eyes and a slightly protruding chin. His clothes were worn and wrinkled as though he had slept in them for several nights. Louise leaned over and whispered to Barbara: At that time Debs was not yet the fiery speaker he became when he was nominated five times by the socialists as their candidate for President of the United Statescollecting nearly a million votes on one occasion while he was a prisoner in the federal penitentiary in Atlanta.

But this night he didn't have to be fiery or eloquent.

A description of one of the great new york city business tycoons

Everyone in the crowded hall listened closely to every word. Only the children were restless, turning their heads in every direction to see who was there. Barbara also became fidgety after a while, but Louise kept her eyes on Eu gene Debs.

She saw in him her father as he must have looked while addressing large crowds, and soon she began daydreaming, even imagining herself on the stage with everyone applauding. At times she turned from the platform, glancing at Sheridan, who was listening carefully, and then at her mother.

Once she saw her mother with her eyes tightly shut and thought that she was asleep, but then she felt her mother's hand squeeze her own tightly. When Debs got through talking something unusual happened -something Louise would recall for Debs years later when she and John Reed visited him in prison.

All the chairs were folded and disappeared, as if by magic, and a long table appeared by the wall loaded with cookies, lemonade and coffee. Everyone collected in groups to talk about Debs' speech, and Debs himself, as he nearly always did at meetings of this sort, began to stop at one group and then another to chat, and once in a while to pat a child on the head.

When he came to the Bryants, he talked to Sheridan and Mrs.New York City: Tour of the city A look at New York City in the s, showing activity in the Garment District and views of the public transportation system and the urban landscape, including the twin towers of the World Trade Center, which were destroyed in the September 11, , terrorist attack.

Free business-day shipping within the U.S. when you order $25 of eligible items sold or fulfilled by Amazon. He lives in New York City. Read more. Product details. Paperback: pages; The author goes into great detail how each worked his magic, but the really interesting part for me is that he thoroughly paints for the reader all Reviews: One of the richest people of New York, Ira Rennert, is an entrepreneur and investor.

He earned his $ billion net worth by using junk bonds in order to finance his acquisitions of various companies. In its much-photographed desolation, Detroit’s Michigan Central Station could be called America’s Ruin, while New York’s restored Grand Central Terminal more than ever lives up .

American tycoons swung deals, not swords, and changed the business landscape forever. The Gilded Age was the greatest era of tycoons. At the end of the nineteenth century, the Industrial Revolution was in full swing and every emerging market seemed to have at least one power broker ready to corner it.

The Battle of Saratoga was the turning point of the Revolutionary War.. The scope of the victory is made clear by a few key facts: On October 17, , 5, British and Hessian troops surrendered their arms.

General John Burgoyne had lost 86 percent of his expeditionary force that had triumphantly marched into New York from Canada in the early summer of

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